Monster Cookies

2/3 lb. butter (21 1/3 T)
3 c. brown sugar
2 2/3 c. white sugar
3/4 T. white syrup
8 eggs
2/3 T. Vanilla
2 lbs. peanut butter
5 1/3 t. baking soda
12 c. instant oatmeal
choc. chips (1-2 cups)
Big bag of peanut m and m's, plain m and m's use about 3/4ths of each bag

Mix butter and sugar--add egg,syrup, and vanilla. Stir in peanut butter. In a separate bowl, mix oatmeal and soda, then add o the peanut butter mixture. Add the rest of the ingredients. Drop with an ice cream scoop or large scoops of a tablespoon on a greased pan flatten slightly. Bake at 350 for 10-12 mins. Let them firm up on the pan

I love to make these when I know that I will have a lot of company. I freeze them and pull them out as I need them. It makes a ton of cookies. Enjoy!


lindsypaddon@yahoo.com said...

Hi! I came across your page randomly ... I LOVE cooking/baking and recipies .. I also have been looking for a Monster Cookie recipie, I was curious what "white syrup" is? I can't wait to make them. Today I have to make a batch of PB Choc Chips that I have become pretty famous for, so the Monster Cookies will have to wait, but hopefully soon. Also I have to make a desert for my boss' xmas party on Saturday, I have been looking around for something festive, chocolate, and probably a cake, any suggestions? I was going to fall back on Kahula Cake if I didn't find anything else!

Kristen said...

Lindsy - white syrup is Karo syrup. It's very popular in the south.

As for something for your xmas party on Sat., I have a wonderful chocolate cake with burbon buttercream icing. I'll get it posted as soon as I can. I make it every year during the holidays and for my husband's b-day. It's his favorite.

lindsy paddon said...

MMmm that sounds good, I was also just looking at different Red Velvet cakes, I've never made one, but looks doable ... I will check back for your choc cake! Thanks Lindsy